Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas 2011

I know you have all been waiting so patiently to see my store this year for christmas so here it is. Enjoy! We are doing fresh wreaths in all sizes with simple to fancy depending on who you are giving it to. We also having fresh boxwood kissing balls $40 each and Mistletoe for $10. 

Merry Christmas Top Hat Snowman $100.00

Snow queen with babies $79

Wendy Addison Nest collection $39

Unattended Children sign $75.00
Best christmas wishes sleigh $100.00

Book Ornaments. Perfect if you want a message in it every year you put up your christmas tree.
$3.00 each

Magnolia stem $12 each

Santa claus boardwalk sign $125
Vintage nesting boxes $75 for set of three
Uttermost Jones and Sons mercury bottles set of three $198

We have specials on our christmas goodies. Buy two get the third 50% off. While quantities last

Why not send a basket of Julia Baker.
16 piece truffle hat box $75
Toffee Tower $24
Gooey Milk or Dark chocolate bar $9
2 piece toffee ball and truffle $5

Yummy Oreo cookies drenched in white confection only to be topped off with peppermint.
Buy two get the third for 50% off.

Kids tree to add a little charm

Seasons Greetings Sign $75

S'mores bark is oh so good! If you love marshmallows you will love this. Buy 2 get the third 50% off

Buy 2 get third 50% off. Come in and taste test Simply Scrumptious' Peppermint bark VS. our local Goody Twos Peppermint Bark.

Can't go wrong with GoodyTwos  :) $14 

Lafco gave us all a holiday treat this year by coming out with sets of three of your favorite scent for a holiday pack. They are a little smaller but what is more fun than having them all spread out in your house. I have them in Ski House and Master Bedroom which is Chamomile Lavender. $86.00 for a Set of Three

Meet Linnea Lake

2011 has been a quick year and has turned out to be amazing for Sugar Magnolia. My favorite blessing this year is Linnea Lake my newest employee from Walla Walla Washington. Home of the Sweet Onion and over 100 wineries. With Walla Walla being voted friendliest small town in America you would totally understand when you meet her as she is the friendliest person I know. She has been with Sugar Magnolia since September 23 2011
Q&A with Linnea Lake
Q. Where could we find you if you aren't working at Sugar Magnolia? At home..Rachel works me pretty hard so if I get a day off thats normally where I am. I enjoy playing tennis and hiking also.

Q. Favorite Lunch? Chipotle Burrito Bowl 

Q. Your guiltiest pleasure- Five Guys Cheeseburge.

Q. Favorite TV show? Bones

Q. Favorite Book? Lone Survivor

Q. Favorite Movie? Diary of a Mad Black woman

Q. What is your go to store if you have lots of extra money to spend? Anthropologie

Q. Favorite products at Sugar Magnolia? Lafco Candles, Goodytwos toffee twozels, and Flipped bird bags.
Q. Whats your favorite thing to do at Sugar Magnolia? Flower arranging.

Q. What are your favorite flowers to use in an arrangement? By no means would I put all of these flowers together in an arrangement but these are my favorite flowers. Dark Blue Columbian Hydrangea, Berzillia Berries, Circus roses, and fressia.

Q. What do you miss most about Walla Walla?  I miss my family the most. And if I had to say anything I miss about it would be the Downtown of Walla Walla.

Come in and get to know Linnea better. She is my lifesaver :)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Allison Scott and Steve Hare Irish style wedding October 8th 2011

 Allison Scott what can I say about her other than sweet. She trusted me from day one and when a bride does that it makes it so much more enjoyable to do the wedding. They are such a loving couple and it showed the first time I met Steve in my store. I am glad that I get to work with her even after her wedding, as she is such a wonderful client. Thank you for letting us be apart of your most special moments in life by celebrating with flowers.
The wedding took place at the Fairmont Princess in Scottsdale Arizona. 
Wedding Planner was Emily Edwards from Your Hearts Desire
Drapery was Quest Drapery

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sugar Magnolia Blog stats :)

I am just learning of my Blog Statistics and I am blown away at all of you that read my blog. First off thank you so much for your interest in my Thanksgiving Centerpieces blogs. That is the highest viewed blog that I have ever done. I feel that I must do a new Thanksgiving Centerpiece blog tomorrow to show you my ever growing talent in centerpieces. I will make 8 choices for centerpieces and you can just look on here and pick or you can do a custom piece with all kinds of wonderful things.
But just wait....That part wasn't what surprised me the most...I have fans in so many countries...
United States
United Kingdom

Blown away by all my followers!!
Thank you so much and I will now try so very hard to keep you guys entertained a little more frequently.
Help me get to 7000 views by the end of the month and please like me on my facebook.  Sugar Magnolia Scottsdale Arizona 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Event this Thursday. Picket Fences at Jam

6938 E. 1st Street
Scottsdale AZ 85251
Located in Old Town Scottsdale
We will be selling fresh flower arrangements from $25-$75 dollars this Thursday from 7-9pm. Small flower arrangements to keep for yourself to put on your desk at work or larger arrangements to give to someone that needs an extra reason to smile.
This is an event that can't be missed with so many local artisans and wonderful interactions with the most interesting people in the Phoenix area.
See you Thursday November 3rd :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

50% off Halloween sale


Get the Kids in their costumes early for trick or treating.
With Best costume contest, warm cookies, popcorn, and Hot apple cider this will be one event you wouldn't want to miss. 
50% off Sugar Magnolia Halloween Decor and Candy
 20% off anything at Girly Girlz next door. 
Safari Kids Drop off Daycare is also giving away one hour free for your first child if you register on Friday.

Thursday, September 29, 2011