Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Meet Linnea Lake

2011 has been a quick year and has turned out to be amazing for Sugar Magnolia. My favorite blessing this year is Linnea Lake my newest employee from Walla Walla Washington. Home of the Sweet Onion and over 100 wineries. With Walla Walla being voted friendliest small town in America you would totally understand when you meet her as she is the friendliest person I know. She has been with Sugar Magnolia since September 23 2011
Q&A with Linnea Lake
Q. Where could we find you if you aren't working at Sugar Magnolia? At home..Rachel works me pretty hard so if I get a day off thats normally where I am. I enjoy playing tennis and hiking also.

Q. Favorite Lunch? Chipotle Burrito Bowl 

Q. Your guiltiest pleasure- Five Guys Cheeseburge.

Q. Favorite TV show? Bones

Q. Favorite Book? Lone Survivor

Q. Favorite Movie? Diary of a Mad Black woman

Q. What is your go to store if you have lots of extra money to spend? Anthropologie

Q. Favorite products at Sugar Magnolia? Lafco Candles, Goodytwos toffee twozels, and Flipped bird bags.
Q. Whats your favorite thing to do at Sugar Magnolia? Flower arranging.

Q. What are your favorite flowers to use in an arrangement? By no means would I put all of these flowers together in an arrangement but these are my favorite flowers. Dark Blue Columbian Hydrangea, Berzillia Berries, Circus roses, and fressia.

Q. What do you miss most about Walla Walla?  I miss my family the most. And if I had to say anything I miss about it would be the Downtown of Walla Walla.

Come in and get to know Linnea better. She is my lifesaver :)

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