Tuesday, February 7, 2012

We won Brides Choice award for Wedding Wire 2012

 What a bittersweet end to such an amazing career in the floral and design industry. Winning this award means I am in the top 5% of the floral designers in the country. I could not have done this without having Brides that shared a creative vision and trusted me to make there dream a reality. 
Thank you so much to all of you.
These were my favorite brides of 2011



Thursday, January 26, 2012

STORE CLOSING in 15 days 50% off

Things are literally flying off my shelves and I am going to share with you people and customers over the next 15 days that have filled my days with laughter and have come in to wish me luck and get my goods that they have always loved. You all have been my best clients, friends, and overall always made my days better. ( IN NO ORDER OF IMPORTANCE) if you aren't on here its because you haven't come in silly :)

Christina Ivanhoe owns Ivanhoe couture the best place to get tutus, bling bling on just about anything from the cutest shoes, tops, bows you name it she will make it and thats why my clients over the years have fallen in love with her. She has the kindest soul and has always supported me and Sugar Magnolia. She was in the store before I put out the news so I would say she was my first shopper.  Thank you for enriching my life with not only you but Hannah as she has brought home every single Jelly cat stuffed animal I have ever carried in the store and has used every single marker for all her works of art done at Sugar Magnolia. I have also read her just about every children's book I have carried. We will continue to be friends and I am sure of it.

Next up is Shauna Kupetz the owner of Jam on 1st street in old town scottsdale.

 The coolest place to get anything made locally. The first time I went into her historical shop it took my breath away. Seriously..This place should not need introductions as it should be the spot anyone goes to get unique presents for friends or yourself. She stumbled upon my store with Summer Ross (who is next on my list) when they were bringing Summer's kids to Safari kids next door. Oh what a fateful day to have them in. Shauna could be the most passionate person I know. She loves her store and all the talented people in the phoenix area. She has given everyone a place to sell their passion. She unites all of us motivated, strong, and independent leaders together and boy is it a powerful feeling to be among the upcoming brilliant minds in our market place. You are the most Jammin' person. Keep motivating and inspiring all of us.

Summer Ross
If you were reading above you will know that Summer stumbled into my store and automatically became my biggest fan. She came in the first time only to come in less than 12 hours later the next morning to get something else. She has brought in her mother in law, best friends, mother, sister, and basically anyone she knows. I couldn't be more grateful and appreciative for it. But that is NOT why she is so special. In all the times she has come into my store she has not ever bought something for herself (except a pair of earrings and she even made that into a pre birthday present). She always thinks of everyone else before herself which makes her a wonderful mother, wife to her husband, and friend. I will miss you but know I will keep in touch with you. We have too much in common to not keep in touch. Thank you for being such a joy!

Taylor Moran
Taylor Moran, one of the best realtors in phoenix. GOOGLE IT! :) She once told me if someone was foreclosed on their home she refused to take commission on the house. That is a pure heart! She has been a client of mine for the last 9 months but felt like she has been around since we opened. If you have ever met her before you know I am telling the truth when I say that she could be anybody's best friend. You feel like you have known her your whole life within minutes of meeting her. She always has come in with her sunny sweet presence and made me feel like I was on the right track with my buying for each season. We normally averaged 1 or 2 hours of talking if she came in. She is expecting her third child in april and its been fun to watch her sweet baby bump grow. I know for sure we will have play dates and stay connected...Linnea will keep us up to date with each others lives and make sure it happens. Thank you for being so supportive!

Nancy Hollinger

Nancy used to be apart of Angel Mamas a charity organization in the scottsdale area. She has been one of our biggest fans since we have been open. She has sent flowers to many people over the years and has referred me to many. She is a true sweetheart and couldn't have felt more honored that you took such a liking for what we have done over the years. Thank you for being such a constant fan!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Store Closing Sale

After 3 1/2 years of enjoying each and every one of you in my store it is time for me to start a new chapter in my life and that is to spend time with my husband and 3 beautiful and healthy children. I have made great friends along the way and have had nothing but the best brides.
Sugar Magnolia opened September 18th 2008 and will be closing February 10th 2012. That means that I need to sell everything in the store in 17 days. That includes even my beautiful Schonbek Bolero Green Chandeliers. Please if you have ever wanted something you didn't think was for sale, come in and guaranteed its for sale. The store even has all my Halloween and Christmas down.
Even if you don't want to buy anything please come and have your last visit with me. It would mean everything to me.
And did I mention that everything is 50% off.

During this journey I will blog about everyone that has come in and what they have meant to me over the years :) A reflection of my favorite memories.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas 2011

I know you have all been waiting so patiently to see my store this year for christmas so here it is. Enjoy! We are doing fresh wreaths in all sizes with simple to fancy depending on who you are giving it to. We also having fresh boxwood kissing balls $40 each and Mistletoe for $10. 

Merry Christmas Top Hat Snowman $100.00

Snow queen with babies $79

Wendy Addison Nest collection $39

Unattended Children sign $75.00
Best christmas wishes sleigh $100.00

Book Ornaments. Perfect if you want a message in it every year you put up your christmas tree.
$3.00 each

Magnolia stem $12 each

Santa claus boardwalk sign $125
Vintage nesting boxes $75 for set of three
Uttermost Jones and Sons mercury bottles set of three $198

We have specials on our christmas goodies. Buy two get the third 50% off. While quantities last

Why not send a basket of Julia Baker.
16 piece truffle hat box $75
Toffee Tower $24
Gooey Milk or Dark chocolate bar $9
2 piece toffee ball and truffle $5

Yummy Oreo cookies drenched in white confection only to be topped off with peppermint.
Buy two get the third for 50% off.

Kids tree to add a little charm

Seasons Greetings Sign $75

S'mores bark is oh so good! If you love marshmallows you will love this. Buy 2 get the third 50% off

Buy 2 get third 50% off. Come in and taste test Simply Scrumptious' Peppermint bark VS. our local Goody Twos Peppermint Bark.

Can't go wrong with GoodyTwos  :) $14 

Lafco gave us all a holiday treat this year by coming out with sets of three of your favorite scent for a holiday pack. They are a little smaller but what is more fun than having them all spread out in your house. I have them in Ski House and Master Bedroom which is Chamomile Lavender. $86.00 for a Set of Three